Find catchy Business Name Ideas for your IT Company, Project or Product!

From the smallest businesses to global enterprises. Everyone has a name. But what separates good company name ideas from bad ones?
Each day, over 40 000 new businesses are started worldwide. The peak occurs around the end of the year, when most want to try their luck as entrepreneurs. Since all companies must have a name. How do you find a selling name that is not already taken?

Many believe they can fix their company name with the left hand – ordering some takeaway and brainstorming an evening with friends. Sure, it can work if you’re lucky, but there are many pitfalls. A business name is a strategic issue and should be treated as such.

The most common mistake in finding a good company name is selecting a name that quickly becomes passé. The name feels most natural for the moment but may not hold in the long term. The name is often too descriptive or technical.

The name is one of the brand’s most important identity carriers and should work without having to be updated. Form, message and communication can develop and adjust gradually, but the name is more constant.

In the 1980s for example, many business names contained the words ‘LAN’, ‘data’ or ‘IT’, which might not seem so exciting anymore. Names like Google and Skype works better, because they allow the business to grow even if technology changes.

If your business name is based directly on the function you run the risk of losing customers.How do the hungry customers know the restaurant ‘Pasta King’ also has barbecue dishes?
A good advice is to think about the value for the customer and base your company name on your offer without being too specific. For example, if you run a website for online gaming, the name ‘SpaceGames’ is not as good as for example ‘PlayDolo’, because the former is too specific and not as long lasting as ‘PlayDolo’ if you sometime in the future wanted to include non-space games as well.

Good company name ideas should:

• be easy to remember, not be too long
• be easy to pronounce.
• be relevant
• arouse curiosity
• last a long time

But just because you have found a good name for your company there’s a risk it´s already taken by someone else or is infringing on a trademark. Therefore, once you think you have a good name you have to make sure to check it´s not taken. (All our names at Kickstart Names have been checked for TM infringements).

Good company name ideas balance between being descriptive and evocative. But there must be a good business idea as a foundation, otherwise the name will not help your business be succesful anyway.

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Good luck with finding your new name!